Monday, November 11, 2013

in the realm of inspiration.

i had the most inspirational, beautiful weekend.
it was one of those weekends that wakes you up by pouring a huge tub of ice water all over your sleeping, paralyzed self.

the week itself was very rough.
adam & i lost a lot of money at the fault of another person,
i spent the whole week sick,
and adam had to make some very important career choices in a short amount of time.

it was a doozy, i'll tell ya what.

then the weekend came,
a weekend where we did nothing significant ourselves, but observed the significant in the world around us.

we felt stuck in our lives
and what do you do when you feel stuck?
you go people watching.
so we did.

you learn a lot from watching people walk by.
you really do.
it was a big deal for us to get out of the house,
taking a break from cleaning, homework, and other obligations,
just to observe other people living their lives.
it somehow unglues you from the walls you're often backed against.

since we didn't have money to buy prepared or easily preparable food for the weekend,
we made our own bread and got creative with what we already had in the pantry for our meals
and it's sort of terrible that we didn't do that sooner
which contributed to that big ole wake up call i mentioned up there.

on saturday, i attended the soulescape show with both my sisters and our friend, adyson,
which was absolutely, beyond-words incredible.
all of us were speechless, and each of us said "i can't even!" at least once following their last bow.

after the show, i had the absolute pleasure of meeting justin giles,
the man who choreographed a piece that was posted on youtube
that i hold personally responsible for making me stick with dance
and becoming a dance teacher.
it was a big moment for me.
also, matt luck.

that same day,
adam found out he has the opportunity to work under a well-educated chef
and learn a thing or two about cooking + running a fast-paced restaurant,
something that he so sorely desires.

on sunday,
we spent the whole day with family
talked about adam's birthday (this wednesday!),
spent very little time on any sort of technology,
and made a few goals for the month.
i even sang some bon iver for adam with my sick, raspy voice without getting all weird about doing so
like i usually do.

after a week that made us feel like we'd been ripped from the wall,
it felt amazing knowing how unplugged we can be
and the creativity that arose from it was unbelievably invigorating.

i want to dance.
but more than that, i want to choreograph a show.
we want to move. away. somewhere far away.
we want to bake, cook, and create more.
we want to spend more time away from technology.
most of all, we want to simplify.

this unexpected complication of our lives has forced us to realize how much simpler we need to live
and how simple our wants and needs are.
somewhere along the way, someone told us differently.

it's not like we learned anything new,
just that what we want out of life is so very attainable right now
and won't always be that way.

i saw this video posted online this weekend as well,
and it just nailed that coffin shut.

we are just so ready to work hard on life and squeeze everything we can out of it
because we are just figuring out how this thing works
and we have a "bring on the mistakes!" approach to it all.

tell me you're experiencing this, too!
and tell me you're just as afraid as we are
but we can talk about it over this homemade bread i made
because we have half a loaf left and someone needs to come help us eat it.

thank heavens for inspiration.
what else makes a person feel more alive, am i right?


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