Thursday, November 14, 2013

a birthday and a secret.

that husband of mine turned the ripe age of 27 yesterday!
i love him so very much and spending an entire day making sure he hasn't got a single doubt about that is entirely my cup of tea.
so, naturally, i was in heaven every hour.

i absolutely love birthdays.
i believe, firmly, that at least one day a year should be spent celebrating the existence of someone so wholeheartedly that they just say "enough already! i get it!"
and you can call it quits (if you must)
and rest easy knowing they know they are loved by every ounce of you.

the day was spent amidst good food, plenty of midday cuddling and talking in our room, adam happily rapping some old school snoop dog to me, and partying in our little apartment like a couple of fools.
also, at the end of the day we somehow found ourselves watching videos on youtube about owls
and it was oddly fun.
there's that, i guess.

we were lucky enough to have dinner with family
and i think adam was on cloud nine from midnight to midnight.

[i created a cinnamon almond cake and i can't stop eating it. tastes just like cinnamon roasted almonds!]

it's worth mentioning that i uncharacteristically kept adam's gifts a secret for months
which was so, so difficult!
keeping those lips of mine sealed was a daily struggle (seriously. it was.),
but the look on his face...
and the "is this real life?!" and "this hasn't even hit me yet!!" when he opened them was absolutely thrilling and i don't think i could be happier! really!
can people be this happy? is it allowed?!

more importantly,
adam was happy, too.
or at least i think so.
if singing in the shower,
laughing really loud all day at aaaanything that was remotely funny,
hugging everyone at least twice after dinner,
and immediately putting those fresh boarding passes up on the fridge are any indication
then, yeah.
i'd say he's happy.

exhibit a:



  1. Happy birthday to a very loved husband! You guys illuminate happiness like no other!

  2. Your photos (and blog are beautiful). Happy birthday to your husband!

  3. You might have to post that cake recipe...lately every dessert that is almond flavored is the greatest thing to me. Also, you have a way with color schemes when you decorate for things. It always looks pulled together and perfect. I love it.


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