Monday, October 28, 2013

wedding pt. 3

we had our reception in my grandparent's beautiful backyard.
natural greenery, handmade flowers from my mama + sisters, and little handmade details from the people i love surrounded us.
we rented those lovely chairs, tables, & umbrellas from here, and got a great deal, might i add.
we ate pretzels made by my sweet cousins and aunts
and popcorn that came from a cart our friend let us borrow,
but my favorite edibles of the night were the popsicles from lick'd.
those babies are something else.
my dear friend shannon made our wedding cake (yes, all of those little fondant leaves, too!)
and we got our cake topper from here.
our guests adorned themselves with tattoos we designed and ordered from here
and we bought little bags for pretzels + popcorn from here.
we had people randomize a question or thought for our guest book using a bingo cage
and asked our guest to tell us where to travel throughout our marriage.

our whole wedding was full of deeply personal details,
from having our luncheon catered by the restaurant adam runs,
and creating our cake topper after animals we frequently call each other,
to having popsicles we ate at our saturday morning farmer's market dates,
and dancing to a song from one of the first movies we watched together (the first movie we watched was this one and, well, that just wouldn't make sense, now, would it?)
and there is more
but i won't detail it here.

we also had fireworks at the end of the night (which can be seen in the very lovely and very thoughtful video my friend & bridesmaid kelli made)
and chose not to do a send off so we could enjoy the people and the party for as long as we wanted.

we chose not to do a receiving line
or call it a "wedding reception", at least not officially,
because we wanted it to feel like a gathering of our friends and family to talk and party and just share the love.

as more time passes,
the more fondly i look at these photos
and i'm excited for days, weeks, and months to pass by to increase that euphoria.
weddings are a stressful debacle, i'll tell ya what.
i am so happy with all the efforts we made (and all of our amazing, amazing friends and family) to make it such a personal, love-filled day.

hooray for love!!!

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  1. what a gorgeous day! these photos really capture the love and fun lf the day x

  2. This might be one of the most gorgeous weddings I have ever seen! Your dress is so beautiful. I love everything about this.
    Little Sloth

  3. stop. this is way too adorable. I love all the treats you had available! and the little touches of red. not overpowering, my eyes are hurting red. but classy, sophisticated and a tough of sexy cute red. I just can't help but smile! (p.s. 9as i am sure you already know) you married one handsome man! you too are SO cute!)


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