Thursday, October 24, 2013

wedding people.

[are these the prettiest girls you have ever seen or what?]

my very, very favorite part of the day was following the ceremony.
we had a simple luncheon in the park and our loved ones gave some beautiful speeches that i will remember my whole life through.
i love the people i get to share this life with.
good golly, i really do
and it makes my heart swell in some magical sort of way.

it's a very cliche thing to say,
but our wedding wouldn't have happened at all (and i do mean at all) without any of these people.
without all the people helping to assemble our ceremony backdrop
or setting up chairs
or filling in at the last minute to play our music
or dj our wedding
or assemble flower bouquets
or solve any and every problem that arose.

adam & i wanted to elope so badly...
just the two of us on a new york city rooftop somewhere
but when we thought about all of the people we would miss on that day
our minds were changed.
our dear people are literally the only reason we didn't hop a plane on nye. ;)

i'm so glad we went this route
because not only did my life change for the better that day through marrying this adam fella
but it was a life-changing day in seeing how much love all of these people are capable of
and just how they choose to spend it.

bridesmaids dresses were from asos
& my mama made all of the bridesmaid bouquets from tissue paper & floral wire.
there might forever be tissue paper on her bedroom floor from the weeks of crafting she spent on those babies.

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  1. ok can i just say i'm so happy you smiled with your teeth in all of these. you won't regret it.

  2. i feel the same way about eloping. if i don't marry brian soon i am going to explode! but I want to be with all the people I love all at once. i am one excited girl. I love the paper flowers! I bet that took a long time. what a wonderful mother to do that for you!

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