Monday, September 16, 2013

that time we had brooke schultz capture the first time adam saw me in my wedding dress.

we got our wedding pictures back from the ever lovely brooke schultz this weekend
and i cannot wait to share them.
well, i can
but i won't. rather, refuse.
so prepare yourself for posts & posts of it. 

if anyone wears their heart on their sleeve,
it is adam reid
and it's huge and open and there for all to see.

what these photos cannot retell
is the big speech adam gave me (and brooke by association) with his back turned
about how he was shaking
and about being grateful and not taking anything for granted
(so, thereby, he took nearly two minutes to turn around. what's two minutes anyway, right?)
the big speech he gave me (and brooke by association) when he finally turned around
about how he couldn't believe he was there looking at me
and couldn't believe he would ever be there in that moment with me
and how he kept saying "my wife. this is my wife."
and i wish i had someone there to film it all
or that i had written it down sooner
but looking at these images i will always remember looking at that big ole heart on his sleeve
and basking in its radiance.

[mid-speech right here]

adam also wants y'all to know that it isn't some tacky bracelet he had forgotten to take off
but it's a bracelet i had made for him with my middle name on it
that he basically never takes off.
not even for this.



  1. this is absolutely adorable! my word, i can't even handle it! you two are perfect.

  2. Ayley. I can't even find words that express how much I love this. MORE PIX PLZ.

  3. YES. i love them so much. and i love that he doesnt take off that bracelet.

  4. Oh dear. This is the best. The very best.

  5. EEEEPPpp!
    I love everything you write.

  6. So beautiful in every way! Love your dress and his suit!

  7. you two are perfect and this made me cry.


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