Wednesday, September 18, 2013

my baby don't mess around because he loves me so, and this i know fosho.

photo credit: amber lynn photography
last night adam & i were watching a movie
(if you must know... it was "now you see me")
and he kept having to pause it because i wanted to talk about boring little things that i can't remember
and he was undyingly patient with me.

the other day adam & i were walking to my car that had run out of gas over a mile away
and i was staring at my feet as we trudged through garbage under the freeway overpass
feeling complete shame and stupidity because this happens bimonthly at LEAST
and he was undyingly sweet about my stupid mistake.

this afternoon adam & i were talking briefly in a moment where we both had a break
and i was lamenting about how tired i was because of school, 4 jobs, and other commitments i, for some strange reason, keep making
and he just sat and listened to me and tickled my back,
offering to make dinner tonight, help with my homework, and plan a short weekend trip for us in the next few weeks.
and it wasn't until i was walking away that i remembered that the man works 60 hours a week
and basically takes care of our house.
i didn't know how to work our fancy washing machine until yesterday.
i loaded the dishwasher and ran it for the first time today.
i didn't even know we had a certain cleaning supply until just now.
i have made three meals. maybe.
i walked Bruno maybe four times out of the dozens of walks he has taken
and i fall asleep before adam every night
and wake up after him
but only because he has already woken up to walk Bruno and start doing dishes.
and i'm tired?!

the man deserves a medal.

the most recent thing i got mad at him about was when i was trying to get him to tell me what traits/qualities he thinks are sexy in people
and he wouldn't tell me because he just replied
"you are"
evvvvery time i would try to get it out of him...
and i was mad that he wouldn't answer the question.
um yeah.

someone hit me in the head with a rock because my life is ridiculous.



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