Thursday, September 12, 2013

girls with long hair.

images saved on my computer from a while ago via here, here, and unfortunately tumblr. (i'm sorry!)

this post could have been similarly titled
"girls with cooler hair than me"
"girls who have more patience than i do"
or even
"girls of the internet with amazingly photographable locks and, yeah, pouty lips for good measure".

i found myself distracted from writing an incredibly boring paper on some neuroscience stuff
& happened upon a few images of debra jo fondren
which led me to more pictures of her spectacular mane
and even more pictures of long haired beauties.

and here i am being all like "this post brought to you by the girl who can't seem to let anyone forget how glad she is that she cut her hair short".

braid crowns and hair that you could just about tuck into your waistband have never looked more appealing.


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