Saturday, August 24, 2013

this is how cabo san lucas looks on porta 400.

film, glorious film!

my dad got me a huge pack of this stuff for christmas and i was so glad i remembered (on my wedding day!) to stash some away in my suitcase for this trip.

i have a lot to learn about this film stuff...
but looking back on these shots gives me the most spine-tingling feeling of pure euphoria.
like it captured the way my heart felt in that city.

adam also managed to, somehow, dress every single day to perfectly match the cabo san lucas color palette.
that man. i tell ya.

the only way i could afford to continue this film habit
is if i actually sold my canon dslr and used the funds to develop + scan the maybe 10 rolls of film it would pay for.*

but, you know....
kind of worth it.

in the mean time.
you may find me on road trips for lottery tickets in other states
and selling all of my clothes.

because.... film.....!!!

*exaggeration. i just need to find a more cost effective lab around here.


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  1. film is pricey.. especially for personal stuff.. but gosh is it worth it! My lab is Indie Film Lab, and they are the bomb dot com! :)


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