Monday, August 26, 2013

salt lake city, i love you. but i've got to go.

dear salt lake,

i think you're awesome.
i like walking your streets and talking to your people.
i like the way you feel. especially on broadway and university ave.
i love what 9th and 9th does to my spirits.

but adam & i are ready to say adios.
it's not you. it's us.

you see...

we've been living in a little house in salt lake for a month while our apartment gets its finishing touches (brand new!)
and i feel like all the hours until we move in just might drag on endlessly.
(five days, 127 hours as of this post. ah!)

we haven't been able to have my little bruno with us this month
and it's killing me.
killing me.
i haven't been sleeping.
not to mention our commute...
don't even go there! don't!

plus, this house isn't ours.
and this place will be.

and even though we are making our way deeper into suburbia,
we will have our own little kingdom in that place:
the king and queen of whatever we see fit.
our own world.
what a beautiful notion!
that's enough to make a grown man cry, if you ask me. or adam.
(as in, i have proof of that happening. with my husband. with adam. yes, him. i have pictures.)

i never thought i'd say this...
but salt lake
i might not miss you.
at least not right away. ;)


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  1. ahh i'm so excited for you! and i love this blog and it's new changes


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