Monday, September 2, 2013

oh, how frequently the SLC sunsets would turn the city into a 70s movie

and how beautiful it was to walk amidst it all.
it felt like a walk through one flew over the cuckoo's nest,
but you know...
not in a mental hospital.

just before we moved (which was saturday!)
adam & i ventured outside on an unexpected night off for us both
and made the delightful decision to head to a burger place on the corner near where we lived.
we might have gone there because i heard a little rumor there were "flavor burst" ice cream cones
and i might have been kicking myself for not heading there earlier
considering we lived right around the corner.

girl eats flavor burst cone on her 13th birthday = girl gets addicted to them for life and relentlessly hunts them down.

it's amazing the way the light can make you fall in love with something all over again.
like, the way the light hits your white bedsheets as the sun is rising
or the way dusk hits the trees on an evening walk.
the silliest part of it is that i now fully comprehend and treasure that good ole idiom "to see in a new light".
it's almost forehead-smack inducing, but i just adore the phrase more than ever.

and those sunsets, man.
those slc sunsets make you regret all the blinking you did as they dazzled the valley
because you just don't want to miss any of it.

i anticipate more city walks as the leaves start turning
sunsets + flavor burst cones....

worth the drive, i assure ya.



  1. these photos.... i just love them so much. i love the different perspectives other people have of home. ahh, i just adore SLC. these are lovely, and i know exactly what you mean when it comes to light. it seriously changes everything.

  2. love love love this post. Salt Lake has a special spot in my heart!

  3. You captured the vibe so perfectly in these photos, also really loving the new blog look! What a dangerous location for those ice cream cones, I would be there everyday! Happy new apartment living!

  4. the flavor burst ice cream cones!!!!!! i looove those! i need one asap. like, tomorrow. address?

  5. love this post! i've never had a flavor burst cone! i gotta try one!


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