Monday, March 18, 2013

things i wish i said.


after competition this weekend,
and my girls often receiving low-ish scores
i drove home lost in thought about appreciation, fame, etc.

why some dances scored so well,
why some tv shows are massive hits,
why some actors never make it big time,
why some things never go viral on the internet and others do.

then i get home to find this lovely bunch of words waiting for me on my computer,
something i wish had some from my own mind:

"some people so deserving of fame will never meet it. simply because they are too special to be so widely spread. those people are meant to be left concentrated and whole. with only the right ears hearing their words. and only the right people inspired by their vision."
-emily shock

some things are meant for a widespread applause
and some things are meant to touch only a couple of people in the deepest of places
and there is just no use in changing who you are merely to accomplish the former
because that's just plain silly.

both are just great ways of being
and one should not be discouraged either way.

there are people that need your vision.
there are people that need to hear what you have to say.

you just have to find them.


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