Thursday, March 14, 2013


photo by carolina lindsay photography

one time
adam & i went to this mexican grocery store to grab some sodas.
they played mariachi music and had dried peppers hanging from the ceiling. 
we appeared to be the only ones in the building whose first language was english. 
it was cool in there!
but, yeah. 
we felt a little out of place.

i leaned over to adam and said,
"are we the only white people here?"
and he looked at me until i finally realized:
oh. yeah. 
i'm pale as can be
and he is, well, not white.

i seriously forget that adam is a different mix of races than i am. 
all. the. time. 
i just don't even think about it. 
probably because it doesn't matter or something?
i just keep forgetting that there is something so obviously different about us 
because there are so many things that are obviously the same.

still really funny, though.
i can't believe i said that.



  1. hahaha oh ayley...
    I like you. and this story.

  2. hahaha oh i love this! so great...i love that he just looked at you. i was totally thinking, "i bet they were the only white people in there." so dont worry, i got you haha

  3. YOUR NEW BLOG LOOK! so good. so so good ayley.

  4. this is hilarious. i'm inspired by your words all the dang time.


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