Monday, March 11, 2013

in your past life.

i sometimes feel restless
& a strong desire to rebel. 

i asked adam if he thought we might have past selves,
we weren't reincarnated as anything else,
but we did live once before
and all of the genetic pool just keeps recycling itself
and our souls live in essentially the same body
just at a different time. 

(he said "probably" and i punched him the arm for the lame yet concise answer.)

but i have always thought that one day i might find a picture of "me" that was taken in the 1920s.

there is this dormant part of me that feels the thrill of a good con.
it feels like this part of me lived at one time...
like i know and can feel exactly how it felt in a high speed chase
with a pistol in my garter
all while maintaining a sweet and pretty exterior.

lillian gish in "the wind"
there is a part of me that feels like i was once a fugitive on the lam,
that i robbed banks & ran from the cops in my bugatti type 44 until i lost them over the horizon.
i feel like i could have lived as an early 20th century bandit of sorts.

adam said that he felt like he might have worked with his hands
being an inventor 
or a carpenter
owning a small shop where he peddled his little wooden inventions. 
he said we probably lived in the same town
and i took cover in the back of his shop until the heat died down
in exchange for my love
and a cut of the money i stole so he could keep inventing & working to his heart's content.

it's a really strange feeling,
but it's always been inside of me since i can remember. 

since then, i've asked this question to several of my friends and family members.
it's turning out to be a fun, if farfetched, discussion topic
so i'd like to ask...

what do you feel like you might have been in your past life? 
or if you'd like, you may email me and i would love to share your response in detail here!
ayley @ thewildheartblog dot com



  1. I have kind of always felt the same way. I have always had this urge to be some sort of police officer or cia agent. Every time I see a movie about it part of me thinks "I would love to do that".

  2. i always wish i was laura ingalls, or some other prairie girl...


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