Wednesday, March 20, 2013

short stories.

my dog avoids the camera. he really does. the second i pull it out he turns his face away from it. i can only imagine how much my kiddos are going to just love having their picture taken every single day...

speaking of my dog, one of the best parts about going for a walk with this one is seeing fellow dog owners and their dogs out for a walk. except when they spot us, they see how excited (and i mean e x c i t e d) my little pet gets at the sight of his own kind and swiftly start walking in another direction. mmmmprobably should get a handle on my dog's energy or something.

i had pie for breakfast. not just any pie. crack pie. as in momofuku's crack pie. i don't even want to tell you how much butter goes into that recipe. okay. it's a lot. i regret nothing.

adam & i were planning and talking about a few things. we got to talking about things we want to do over the summer and every time i'd suggest things, he'd go "mmhmm let's see how you feel in a couple weeks about that one." it started to annoy me a little bit, until i realized that two weeks ago i said my dream vacation was italy and today i said it was amsterdam. my mind might never be made up about anything.

i'm on a major andrew bird kick. in fact, i listened to the song below for the entire duration of that walk mentioned above. that whistling! you can find some sweet whistling in this version of sifters here! the sweetest lyrics, too. (seriously, click on it! you won't be sorry) anyway... back to that jam i had repeat:

lovely, no?



  1. okay i need to share a video i secretly recorded of jared's brother, jason, singing. he reminds me of andrew bird. alright i'm posting it.

  2. pie, ice cream, cookies, brownies, cupcakes. all the best breakfasts i've ever had. amsterdam! tfios! andrew bird! i always forget how much i love him until i hear him again. i need to see him live. also, this post is my favorite. i loved it ayley.

    1. that describes my relationship with andrew bird to a tee. and then i wonder how i ever forgot about his dreamy voice and whistlin'!


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