Monday, March 4, 2013

that time i woke up feeling inspired just because the calendar said MARCH on it.

can you believe that this month will bring us the first day of spring?!
me either!
i know it happens every year,
but it's never any less exciting!

i can't believe how rejuvenated i feel just seeing a new month on the calendar lately!
it's wonderful!

plus, it RAINED instead of SNOWING on me on my sunday walk!
exclamation points!

i certainly hope this inspiration and renewed feeling is widespread
because it's certainly spectacular.

i have such a long list of things that i want to do,
both spiritually and superficially,
and i'm terribly excited to start crossing them off.

but, hey! here's something on the superficial side.
we watched funny face last night and thought this scene was quite the doozy.
we watched it about three times in a row!

it's the little things.

& happy march! 
oh, how i love saying that!!
thank your lucky stars for march!



  1. thank the heavens for march! thank the ethereal, glowing, beautiful, shiny heavens.

  2. !!!!!!!!!! i don't know why i ended that sentence with a period.


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