Wednesday, February 27, 2013

in some real good company.

last night, on a whim,
adam & i decided to go to an open mike comedy night in downtown SLC
and meet up with a few of his friends.

which was great! greater than great!
especially considering we hardly hang out with other people
and i'm getting soooo sick of netflix ;).

turns out, open mike "comedy" night really means
open mike "cat-jokes-and-misogynistic-monologuing-with-lots-of-yelling-and-drunk-people" night.
haha! oh, brother...

the highlight of the night was seeing how absolutely hilarious adam's friends are.
only one of them took the stage that night,
but i was nearly in tears laughing at the quiet heckling happening at the table.
those friends of adam are so clever
and had me nearly spitting my water all over the floor in my fits of laughter.

this introverted-and-often-awkward girl is so lucky to have extroverted-and-so-very-kind adam.
he meets so many wonderful people and has so many sweet friends that have me saying
"why don't we do this more often?!"
just about every time we go out with them!

i'm also lucky to have him and his love of deadpan humor.
because, if you ask us, that's so much better than whatever happened on that stage last night!


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