Wednesday, February 6, 2013

to see things a little differently.

i decided that you have to be a little mad
in order to fully experience the spectrum of life. 

but it's sort of like...
maybe you don't have to be mad
but just let yourself be free and wild and rebellious enough
so that people might say:
"that one. that one has gone unglued."

because you have to unstitch yourself,
at least just a little bit,
to let anything else in. 

things that have come unhinged, unstitched, unglued,
those things often end up in bins and piles
ready to be tossed,
ready to be shipped off to the loony bin.
too easily misunderstood.

but those things that appear wrinkled 
or torn
or worn
or split
are often the ones who have ridden the spectrum in its entirety.

fragmented does not mean defective.
you know?

just, like,
be foolish enough to have it all.
even if you end up in a couple bins from time to time.
it's just better that way.



  1. I love it, and I agree. "Just, like, be foolish enough to have it all." I'll save that.

  2. you leave me without words. every. time.


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