Monday, February 11, 2013

to kick off love week...

earlier this month we got to play dress up and play pretend in a style shoot for amber lynn photography!
all i can think of while looking at these pictures
is how absolutely cold it was
(& how i wished i had worn a sweater to cover up my arms
for a number of reasons...)
and how fun it was to do this shoot with amber!
it made it totally worth it and we forgot how cold it was when she'd be shooting...
she's so wonderful!

amber is the sweetest girl to work with
and we had so much fun hanging out with her,
as well as with crystal from signature brides!
and those macaroons were to die for! get a hold of forget me not cake co. if you don't believe us!
we actually tucked a bunch of them in a napkin as we were leaving... :)

and just so you know, that's amber's pretty ring that i'm wearing in this styled shoot...
not mine! ;)

even though it was so cold (i mean... sooooo cold),
we wanted to sit at that table for hours!
it was so lovely.

head over to utah bride blog to see more
and make sure you check out amber lynn photography!



  1. oooooh i love this! they are sooooo gorgeous. you guys are good looking.

  2. These are beautiful! Stunning little couple :)

  3. oh i love these pictures, theyre beautiful! you look so gorgeous! and so dang happy :)

  4. Beautiful in all the ways! You and Adam are such a pair of lookers! I will definitely check out her photography, it takes a lot of skill to capture happiness the way she did!

  5. HOLY CRAP AYLEY. there is really nothing more to say than, HOLY CRAP. and that's a holy crap in a good way.


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