Tuesday, February 12, 2013

love week pt 2

when we visited dc,
we had one of our new best photographriends, amelia johnson,
shoot us to commemorate our first official trip back there,
since we met there 'n all.

and oh. my. goodness.

all i can say is go over to her blog. and like her on facebook.
and maybe email or comment on everything she does.
she deserves it
and then some.

you do not know sweetness or happiness until you meet amelia johnson
who is probably julia child reincarnate. that's our theory.

these images are so, so dear to me.
we woke up that morning and i was stressing out, as usual,
and, as usual, adam had the lucky job of getting me to calm down,
which he is very good at
which is probably sad
because my anxiety is really bad
so he's gotten really good at it with practice.
but anyways...

when i was getting short of breath and hyperventilating a bit,
he came over and gently took my belongings out of my hands and placed them on the floor
and took my hands and said "hey. look at me" in probably the sweetest way possible.

then he asked me to trust him to carry us,
to let go when i lose control and trust that he will be able to carry us back to dry land.
and i cannot tell you how unbelievably lucky i felt at that moment as i nodded.

then while we were hanging out with amelia,
there was a moment where she asked adam to gently grab my waist
and for me to look at him like i was just melting.
it was incredibly moving and so relevant to our conversation that morning
that i had tears in my eyes for a moment.

i knew that adam accepted me for all my faults and imperfections
and that no matter what happened
i could always freely hand myself over
and i would always be loved in an entirely free and fearless way.

because... how on earth did our relationship even happen?
why did we meet each other on the train? and how?
have we really only known each other for four years?
how... in this crazy world, when we both lived miles and miles apart
and there are 6 billion other people wandering this planet...
how did we find each other?

these are questions we ask ourselves daily
and it doesn't really matter
but we know we are the lucky ones
and these pictures only cement that in my heart.

we connect to this song so much
so listen to it when you head over to amelia's blog for more (seriously, she is a gem!),
if you so choose.

happy love week!
go kiss all your loved ones!



  1. there is something about you and Adam that makes me happy. Is that weird? You're just so cute together.

    1. not weird! that makes me so happy to hear!

  2. SO GORGEOUS. everything about this and your next post. you guys have a glow.


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