Wednesday, February 13, 2013

love week: one of my favorite apps!

yes... i have a jailbroken iphone and, yes... i'm awful at charging it daily.

does anyone else have couple?
it's one of our favorite apps!
in fact, we hardly even text any more because of it.

couple (formerly known as pair) is an app designed for lovers
(or really good best friends. or sisters. or any two people that just really, really like each other!).

it was introduced to me by a friend who described it as
"what facebook would be like if the two of you were the last humans on the internet".
you can send pictures, little drawings, notes, videos, voice memos,
and even do something called "thumb kiss",
where, when the two of you are apart, you can place your thumb on the screen
and your partner places his/hers on the screen where yours is
and both of your phones turn red and vibrate.
pretty silly, but kinda cool!

we have entered both of our birthdays, important dates, anniversaries,
and made task lists and scheduled dates using this app!

our favorite part is probably the drawings.
we are really immature. i send a lot of cats and pictures of my dog.

not only can you do all of these things,
but the app keeps all of the things you send back and forth in a place called "moments"
so you can look back at all the lame or cool pictures you have sent back and forth.

it's a neat way to chronicle goals, dates, and little things we say to each other
all in one place!

the best part?
you can only pair with one person in the whole world
so only the two of you can enjoy it!

try it out,
and let me know if you like it or hate it!

happy love week!



  1. That sounds like so much fun! too bad my phone doesn't have internet... :(

  2. does it come in a boyfriend package?

  3. ooh i want it! too bad the other half of my couple doesnt have an iphone. and is currently not here haha but that sounds awesome!

  4. looks like I'm giving this bad boy a whirl!

  5. Downloading this as we speak. You're basically a genius. 10 points to you.

  6. flipping out. downloading now. i want to wake jared up so we can thumb kiss this instant.


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