Monday, February 25, 2013

the reader.

meet my sister, hannah.

nobody reads like this girl does.
she spends hours & hours with her nose in books.
she always wants to head to the library on her bike.
for christmas, birthdays, valentines day, etc...
she asks for books
or reading lights
(or maybe help paying her hefty library fine...).

she reads books she doesn't even enjoy
because she loves to read
and believes in the power of words
and has to give them a chance.

the other day she told me that she thinks about reading all the time
and wants to read all the time
and that her future husband will know this
and he will read to her when she drives or as she falls asleep
or when she can't hold a book herself.

she's a fascinating human being
(who also happens to be extremely beautiful, as evidenced above).
meet, The Reader.



  1. My little sister is the exact same way. She is reading constantly. At least one novel a week. I love it and I hope to be more like her.

    Your sister is a beauty on the inside and outside, as are you.

  2. i wish i was more like this. i am always super ambitious when it comes to reading, but i always end up taking most the books i checked out at the library back unread. i really would like to make more time for it though!


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