Sunday, February 24, 2013

let's talk about what it means to be boring.

if someone said "disneyland is so boring"
i'd be all like...

and probably joke with them and say their heart was black or something.
and many would say that they were boring and liked boring things
or that they just didn't "get" it.

but guess what?
i said that about eleven times while i was in disneyland.
it's true!

i shocked even myself.

i walked around and wanted to talk about what it means to be alive.
i spent all my time while on rides thinking about existential questions
and asking them to those around me.
things like
"do you feel like you do more things wrong or more things right?"
"do you feel like there is a dormant part of you that once lived but even you weren't aware of it?"
"do you think that genetics just recycle themselves or are there really that many unique combinations of traits and how indistinguishable are we really?"

which, to others,
was extremely boring.

disneyland had its moments.
cars land was really impressive.
i ate a lot of ice cream.
people watching was as good as ever.
the mechanics of all the rides were just as thrilling as i had remembered.

but what about my value system has changed
that i would much rather be pondering mysteries of life
than just letting go and making funny faces for each picture moment on tower of terror?

why would i not submit myself to the carefree and childish atmosphere of an amusement park?
can you have both that submission and the pursuit of philosophical answers
at the same time?


am i boring or what???



  1. for the record, I was not bored by your existential questions

  2. i like this post. i don't like boring things. i don't agree with andy warhol. i like interesthing things. maybe just the things that everyone else finds boring i find interesting. i don't know. but, i could see myself on both ends. letting go and being a little kid. and also, wanting to just sit and talk existential until the cows come in.

  3. cars land is amazing. you walk in and seriously wonder if you time traveled back to southern utah. also, i'm with kelli. i think boring is such an overused term that really has no place in society. what one person deems boring may be entirely thrilling to someone else. i also think there are levels of excitement. people may think that my choice to stay in on weekends is "boring", and while i admit it may not be as exciting as dressing up and going out, i find my tv shows, music, books, and alone time thrilling in their own special way.


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