Friday, June 1, 2012

reasons why this weekend is going to rock

1. a wedding rehearsal dinner tonight for kenzi&weston.
2. bridesmaidin' it up on saturday.
3. plenty of just-for-fun dance this evening and on saturday morning. much needed.
4. weekend diy projects (including a dress! i'm stoked).
5. spinnin' some vinyl.
6. plans to go flower picking (for real!).
7. seeing adam.
8. bruno + the dog park.
9. lots of time spent with this beautiful girl.
10. ummm it's officially june!

plus, i have tons of time where i literally have nothing on the agenda!

it's been so long since i've had a just-for-fun weekend.
it will be pretty busy, as always, but filled with things that are just destined to make you happy.

that's more than okay with me. :)



  1. yeahhhh both being bridesmaids this weekend!!!!! have a good one, my dear (:

  2. woot woot!! sounds like an amazing weekend to me! JUNE JUNE JUNE!

  3. please oh please let me see some pics of you in your bridesmaid attire. diy dress? ayley, you are amazing. every time i wear the bow you made me i think to myself "that ayley has some real talent, i wish i could be crafty like her." makes me happy to see adam's name on the blog again.


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