Tuesday, March 27, 2012


since i'm doing the bijou market again...
{mark your calendars! april 13th & 14th!}
i'm gearing up for spring.

these felt bows are definitely the most popular of anything i put up on my tiny, silly etsy shop.
we had a lot of fun putting these color combinations together
and i love these spring hues
{our favorites are skittle, fields & tide}!

thanks for all those who have been supportive of this silly thing i do.
it really means a whole bunch.

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  1. i wanted to do the bijou market so bad this year! i was going to sell treats and use all the money for india. then i found out i'll be out of town that weekend & they aren't doing the salt lake one this year. total bummer. i LOOOOOVE your bows ayley. LOVE THEM! my favorites in the bunch are skittles, fields & spring. and i would never call this thing you do silly. i call it talent.

  2. These are awesome. So awesome. I love the parker colors.


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