Wednesday, March 28, 2012

birthday wishlist

my birthday is so very soon!
i'm actually excited this year,
not because it's all about me,
but i'm excited to spend time with my family!
i have week off from work{!!}, & sister hannah's birthday is two days after mine...
so it's going to be party central around these parts!

simply being honest...
i'm not about to be one of those people who says "oh, i don't like gifts!"
let's face it....
who doesn't?
i never let myself receive things from others,
or be the center of attention,
so this year i'm allowing myself to be spoiled for just one day.
it's a challenge,
but i'm looking forward to looking at things differently.

bring it on, Day of April Third!


  1. ayley. i love this post.
    your birthday (week) already sounds like it's going to be magical.
    and i know i've said it a billion times, but...
    i'm so/still/completely in love with your blog design. i just want to stare at this page for hours.

  2. I want that new instax sooooo bad. Like so bad. So bad. I hope you get it. So then I can oogle the pictures you take with it.

    1. anna. my sister has had this one for a couple years and i've debated between the mini and this one and THIS ONE WON OUT because of the size. it's such a huge camera! but the pics are gorgeous!

  3. i had that mac's ruby woo for my wedding day and my wedding day only. got lost somewhere somehow on the big day. rip.

    1. kelli. it's my favorite lipstick! it doesn't go anywhere and the color i SWEAR is good on everyone! it's way expensive so that's sad. but kind of cool that it was only on your wedding day. kind of makes it special.

  4. I'd send your the turntable. Seriously, everything sounds better on vinyl...especially Christmas music. I love it!

  5. loving the wishlist. Hope your birthday is amazing! I have that instax camera and I LOVE it. Use it all the time. And that denim vest? Im dying over here....

    p.s. I'm seriously in love with your blog too. New follower over here!


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