Sunday, March 25, 2012

weekend for the books

at every moment that i was consciously aware of my thoughts,
without fail,
i'd catch myself thinking
that i wouldn't rather be anywhere else in the world.

we generally spend our weekends at home,
so this was big for us.

don't worry,
this post will be more of a timeline than a description of events.
because i know you're dying for me to map out my weekend.
logistics... exactly what is attractive about blogs, am i right? ;)

i just want to keep a few little moments to myself,
and share a bit of what happened to make it so special.


after a day of texting "omg 2nite", "2 more hours!", etc...and watching trailers galore,
we {my sisters, my love, and i} made shirts and got ready for the HUNGER GAMES.
adam was a dear and bought us all black shirts and pretty gold, glitter paint.
we're pro-shirt makers, if i do say so myself.
the way we were all geeking out...
i love the people in my life!
by the way,
we are all trying our best not to bring up the movie every three sentences... comparisons to discuss!

and as if an event of this magnitude wasn't enough,
my mom got me a signed copy of my new favorite book.
amazing, right?


adam & i both got off work a little early,
and decided on a excitingly spontaneous and miniature shopping spree,
since we got some amazing tickets from my grandparents for the symphony,
that moved adam to tears several times throughout the performance
but more on that later.
after this, we headed to the bayou,
one of our favorite places.
we grabbed some ben&jerry's on the way home,
and discovered that the twilight zone was streaming on netflix!
i swear, the moment adam put his arm around me,
i was out.
there's something so unbelievably comforting about that boy's touch.

after we saw the horrendous traffic on the highway headed to the oh-so trendy festival of colors,
we pulled off and decided to head to thanksgiving point 
to see the new baby chicks, calves, and goats.
adam & my sister hannah are such cute friends together.
i just sat there happily watching them as we were eating ice cream.
i fell in love with him more after watching him tease and hug my sister while she giggled really hard.
the three of us headed home,
ate super nachos,
and headed downtown to check out the new city creek shopping center,
followed by pigging out late at night at hire's.
the burger! it's a contender, that's for sure.
we were so happy.

i love adam.
i love my sisters.
there is nothing like spending time with your soul mates. 
it's pure bliss. 


  1. i haven't seen it yet. i feel like the only person in the universe who hasn't. also, i'm reading the hunger games for the first time and so far, loving it. can't wait to finish it. and then i'll be able to see the movie and completely join in on raving.

  2. also, jelly of city creek and hires. and you guys are adorbs. oh and also jelly of the bayou. mmm. jelly. haha. ps. i'm begging jared to find a job in slc so we can move there. if you can help us find a hotel job, we're there.

  3. That does sound like a perfect weekend. And although I've never read/seen the Hunger Games, I think your t-shirts are totally awesome!! BTW, I wish I had a banana split like that right now :)

  4. this weekend sounds amazing. hunger games. AYLEY. we need more discussion. NEED IT. i'm still in love with those shirts. they're amazing. city creek! fancy pantssss. i want to check it out. ahhhh. spring time. i love it.


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