Friday, December 23, 2011

date #10

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adam & i decided to make a date of teaching each other things!

adam is super good at knowing how to kill people. creepy, right?
but he has interesting knowledge of martial arts
and knows where exactly to hit someone,
the weak spots.

this knowledge also makes for great shoulder massages, believe it or not,
but he's so strong that sometimes i feel like he's trying to put me in a sleeper hold.

we cleared out a space in my room
and he taught me how to do a few headlocks, leg locks, and the "right" way to punch.
i'm never going to use this on anyone besides adam, mind you,
but, man, are there a lot of places on a person that, when hit, could really hurt them!

adam put me in a sleeper hold at 30% of his strength and i blacked out.
dude is strong.

i also feel like punching hurts me more than it would hurt the other person. which should not be the case...
definitely not my thing.

but i know what i'm gonna do next time adam is trying to read the newspaper. ;)

for my turn,
i taught adam a couple things in photoshop!
we ended up p-shoppin' this little guy
and naming him lawrence.

his real name is courtney, but he needed to establish himself in the business world.
you understand.
so, now only his wife is allowed to use that name.
his half human/half fox pups don't even know his secret.
i hope you'll keep it, too.
it would ruin the empire he has built with his own two man hands.

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