Thursday, September 29, 2011

labor day

i'm finally getting pictures uploaded. wahoo.

my family has a tradition on each labor day
to go up big cottonwood canyon and eat breakfast together.

all my cousins.aunts.uncles.grandparents.sisters.parents.brothers.

we haven't been up there in a few years,
but this year we decided to go.

i had forgotten how much i loved being in nature in the morning.
you'd think the strong feelings of peace and serenity would be difficult to forget.
guess not.

adam and i stayed up late the night before
making homemade doughnuts,
which were harder and more time consuming than i had thought.
adam is obsessed with the maple+bacon doughnut from beyond glaze,
so we triiieedd to replicate it
somewhat unsuccessfully.

there's a cave in ledgemere that we explore every year.
we trek all the way to the back
and kiss the stone wall for good luck.

i've been loving caves since seeing this movie,
which is streaming on netflix... i highly recommend it!
so i was super excited to go into it this year,
but turns out dark, damp, echoey places are unsettling.
who knew?
especially since adam and i did not bring a flashlight!

i'm going to miss this warm weather
and outdoor breakfast opportunities
and running, flowing streams instead of icy, stagnant ones.

you gotta cherish these moments while they surround you.

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