Thursday, September 29, 2011


at the end of the summer each year,
my family used to go crawfishing
or crawdadding
or crayfishing
or whatever you wanna call it.

they're like little lobsters.
little freaky lobsters.

we resurrected the tradish this year,
headin' on down to strawberry reservoir
and fetchin' some crawdads.
{i sincerely hope you read that with a southern accent, because i did when i was typing it}

basically you get raw chicken legs,
tie them to a piece of cord
and toss them just off the shoreline.

after a bit you carefully drag it in,
having the net ready,
and catch the little weirdos.

this time was particularly exciting,
as the stove caught on fire when there was a propane leak.

i've never seen fire shoot up as hot and fast as that huge flame did.

it was also adam's first time doing any fishing of any kind,
so he was acting like an excited child,
not unlike bruno... who was having the time of his life out in the wilderness.

silly city boys.

until next year, wannabe lobsters!

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  1. that looks sooo fun. omg. i am jealous. i want to get out and breath fresh air.


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