Thursday, September 29, 2011

state fair

i had been counting down to the state fair since it ended last year
and got giddy when it finally arrived.

i don't know what it is about it...
the bustling atmosphere,
fried food you would not otherwise put into your body,
the art exhibits,
hay everywhere...

i just love it.

we had to make sure to get fried cheesecake and funnel cake.
which in pictures look disgusting {srsly},
and in hindsight sound disgusting,
but when you're at the state fair,
it's just whatcha do.

that would be bavarian cream on top of our funnel cake
also adam bought 2 extra tickets
and gave them to the elderly couple behind us
who were thrilled.

i hate this about me,
but i often don't do well with crowds,
and i got increasingly claustrophobic being there on a busy saturday night.
adam handled it like a champ and just pulled me aside to a place with surprisingly few people
and just waited until all was well again.

i love him.


  1. it depresses me to think i didn't go this year. he really bought an elderly couple their tickets?! that is the cutest thing i ever did hear.


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