Sunday, June 19, 2011


happy fatha's day dad.
 thanks for raising me to be a well-balanced individual, to have integrity, and taking me outdoors.

when i was a baybay,
i would cry when it would be bedtime
and the only thing that would soothe me
would be my father taking me outdoors for a little walk.
i'd be out as soon as the fresh air would hit my chubby cheeks.

once when i was about 13 - 14
he took me on a hike.
at the top of the mountain
we just sat in silence for a while,
just taking it all in.
he silently grabbed the fishing poles and we fished for a while.
i was laying on a rock.
the company,
the scenery....
made that the most comfortable rock i'd ever sat on.

my dad introduced me to movies, music, television shows, books.
he's a real trailblazer.
a real hell's angel. {i want that shirt soo bad}
here da card i made for my dad

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  1. if you can't find that shirt, can we just make some? then eat popsicles?


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