Monday, June 20, 2011

early to rise

we love mornings.

bruno consistently wakes me up around 7:30 by biting my FACE.
i let him outside while i get us some breakfast.
ticky hears us from upstairs and runs downstairs.
so i get HIM breakfast.
my breakfast is SOmuchbetta than brunie's

the three of us walk out to the front porch.
i try to get them to eat from their correct bowl.
people are jogging with their exercise buddies,
heading to work,
mowing their lawns.

plenty of your typical neighborhood bustle
makes for excellent white noise.

the dogs finish eating
and lay down next to me
and the sun continues to rise on us.

i think about what i'm going to do that day.
bruno thinks about puppy stuff.
ticky just wants to go back inside.

i let the dumb dog back inside while bruno and i chill on the porch for a while
before we head back in for some yoga {me, not bruno}.

the weather is perfect.
the sun is beautiful.
everything is peaceful.

did i mention we love the mornings around here??

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