Saturday, June 18, 2011

five things i love today {juneeighteenthtwothousandeleven}

{1} i used to hate waking up with the sun, but now that i basically have an infant in my care, we wake up early every day and go sit out on the front porch for breakfast, followed by listlessly laying on the green grass. i love the mornings these days.

{2} popsicles.popsicles.popsicles! always loved them. always will. i love the way the popsicle prices drop when it's summertime.

{3} doggie bowties! bruno is going to have a whole slew of these. he gon be one sharp lookin pup.

{4} being super busy all da time is making me draw from the fuel of my very core. this requires lots of self-examination.

{5} so hard to come to terms with this but i'm learning. every day. i am who i want to be. i am who i am in this moment. and i am a pretty okay person.

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