Sunday, September 5, 2010

i need

...a lot of things.
like sleep.
i could just lie awake all the time
if it weren't for baby lullabies.

i need to be happy. it's easy to be happy when i'm not in my normal life.

i need to figure out why.

i need sleep.
i need to do my homework.
i need to exercise more.
i need to go to the doctor.
i need to take a shower.
i need to work on my hobbies and talents more.
i need to do what i say i'm gonna do.
i need to take my vitamins regularly.
i need to choreograph for fun more.
i need to get my nails done... or at least paint them.
i need to talk to my grandparents more often.
i need friends.
i need to go to church regularly.
i need to get ready more often and take pride in my appearance.
i need to help my cats out and get their shots and get them fixed.
i need to get out of the house more.
i need to clean my room.
i need new bedding.
i need hard copies of my pictures.
i need to do more service.
i need help.

i really need help.
i need to figure out what is wrong with me lately.

i feel like i can't do anything by myself.
i just want someone to help me
but i don't even know how they could,
where they would start,
what they would do.

i know what i need,
but i have no idea what i really need.

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  1. are those your real feelings or just from a poem, writing?

    i feel the same way sometimes.



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