Thursday, April 29, 2010

five things i love this twentyninth day of april

(1) "...jake the dog and finn the hu-man..."
it doesn't matter how annoying that show gets {hopefully this doesn't happen...} it will always remind me of sitting on an empty apartment floor laughing, drinking watered down juice, waiting for the pizza dough to finish baking and imitating lumpy space princesses

(2) the three story thrift store {say that three times fast... i tried. shows off my lisp} that has been been hiding from me all these years

(3) dreams
they are so mysterious. they affect me so much. pllluussss i have nightmares so frequently that i really appreciate pure and light dreaming while i sleep.

(4) yann tiersen

Comptine d'un autre été, l'après-midi. e-nough-said.

(5) bare feet
i didn't wear shoes today. yes i went to work. yes i went to the store. yes i went to a dance concert. NO... i did not get caught. it. was. awesome. 

{photos acquired via flickr. i'm too lazy at the moment to do the right thing and look each source up. sorry}

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  1. haha i love the barefeet! i have bad dreams all the time. it sucks!



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