Thursday, December 3, 2009

five things i love today {thursday december third twothousandandnine}

today was hard.
this week has been hard.
these last few weeks have been hard.

i have a headache from crying.

i want to think about some lovely things now
because there were things that made me happy
all throughout the storm.

 here are five things i loved today:

(1) the speech adam gave me this afternoon.

 he talked about things he loves and about some of his fears. he talked for about 20 minutes straight and i just listened. later when i thought about what he said i started skipping down the hall at work and wanted to run in a field of daisies and just finger the stems for the rest of the day.

(2) the fact that over the last few days over 14 people {yes, i counted. compliments are a rarity. cherish them} have said i looked pretty

 ...if they only knew that i have cried so much lately, wore no makeup, and just pulled my bedhead into a bun. i'm glad i wear post- sobbing and sleep-deprivation well, i suppose.

(3) my dog

i always love him, but today he had a bath and a new dog bed... and i didn't even care that he ate my underwear and tore up some toilet paper. he's too dang cute and soft today.

(4) the outfit i wore today

i wore two shirts that i would never have put together... i found them because they were both on the floor of my messy room and i threw some stuff around and they landed together. i saw that the colors looked grrrreat and i wore it. FATE. oh chance outfit, how i appreciated you this morning. {don't worry, they were clean}

(5) dance

today i did some improvisation today in class. i haven't in a while, and i looked like crap... but i felt at home while i was rolling on the hard floor.

it's hard for me to try lately

at anything, really
but finding lovely things is always worth doing...
especially during trying times.
{photo via papertissue}

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