Sunday, August 23, 2009

dear music, this is why i love you

you let me take a ride in someone else's life for 4 minutes.
you let people sing words. SING WORDS.
you pull on my heartstrings as you pull on those viola strings.
you make me want to jump on my bed all night.
you make me press 'repeat' on my ipod.
you give me goosebumps.
you make me smile when no one else is around.
you make me arch my back and make me restless in my chair.
you make me want to kiss you.
you make me want to kiss a lover.
you make me want to kiss a girl {katy perry shout out. i'm just kidding, mom}
you make me want to scream.
you make me feel like the only person in the world,
you make it all disappear.
you make everything appear differently.
you make it possible to listen to emotions, let us flow along with someone's sadness and rise into someone's happiness.
you relax, ignite, and evoke.
you make us want to walk to a beat.
you fill me with so much emotion... and i have nowhere to put it
i can't give it back to you
you make drunk people even more hilarious when they sing you.
you make an old man tap his fingers on his cane.
you take me back to places i've been.
you are universal.
you are beautiful.
you mimic a heartbeat.
you mimic life.
you allow me to feel things that are not my own.
you give a new meaning to things.

you make me want to live.
you make me love life.
you make me fall in love with the world.

so dearest music,
i love you.
because you make me want to dance.


  1. you have the most beautiful thoughts in the whole entire world. I just want you to know that I know many dancers (incredible, make you cry dancers) but I don't think anyone could portray my message as beautifully as you could. Thanks for helping me out. You are stunning


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