Thursday, January 16, 2014

the city by the bay.

i've become infatuated with calling san francisco "the city by the bay", which i've learned is somewhat antiquated. 
but i don't care
because it evokes all sorts of magical images of summer sundays full of children running with kites along the shore in the california heat, while their barbecuing parents watch from a short distance
before calling for them and packing their picnic up in their '69 convertible 
and saying so long to the joneses for the weekend.
you could nearly hear the conversations that were once had in this fashion around fisherman's wharf. 
that place.... oh, that place is something. else
i've not felt as vibrant and alive as i did while walking this area in a very, very long time. 
i know i fall in love easily with nearly everything,
but i really, really loved it here. 
to get a better feel for what it feels like to be there, look up the word "magical" in the dictionary/thesaurus
aaaaand there you'll have it. 

we deemed this the official song of san francisco. we don't think anyone will mind. 

[it was serendipitous that my sister, hannah, and i would find this lock at the end of the pier!]

[please feel free to leave comments on this post with only compliments for my beautiful sister. you could mention how she rocks short hair, if you want. that brave girl.]

[the seafood along the pier was out of this world.]

[i tried my hand at a love tester at musee mecanique, only to find that i was clammy at best. so i tried another one hoping for another result. nope. sorry, adam. i'm doomed to be clammy.]

to be continued!



  1. I've been twice to San Francisco and it is truly not enough. I remember thinking that San Francisco just has it own style and own kind of charm. I hope to make it back someday!

  2. Best place. Really. Also, Hannah's hair really does look so fab.

    I'm loving this pictures, Ayley. They're so fresh and so clean!

  3. ahhh i love my city. it really is beautiful. i love these pictures that you took.
    i still remember my first day in the city 6 months ago. and this song is perfect.


  4. What fun... It is so pretty down there and I love the pictures : )

  5. amazing! you captured that place so well!

  6. You and your sis are quite the adorable duo! And now I shall lament once again that my parents denied me the chance to have a sister. D:


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