Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy happy birthday, mama dear!

[yes, if you're wondering... my mom is over 50 and lookin' fine.]

happy halloween!
and a very happy birthday to my mother!!

without my mom...
i wouldn't have someone who (still) grabs me and picks me up, runs to the couch, sets me on her lap, and gives me a big hug and whole bunch of i-love-you's.

i wouldn't have anyone who i can turn to ask all sorts of random trivia, knowing she will likely know the answer to just about any random thing i might be wondering.

i wouldn't know how to properly shade a sphere while drawing
or how to mix watercolor paints
or how to crack an egg the right way.

i wouldn't have had anyone to help me build just about every piece of furniture in my house
or to make sure i didn't make any terrible interior design mistakes
(note: every time my mama comes over to my house, she leaves it looking much better than when she first arrived.)

i wouldn't have anyone sending me picture after picture of the cats i miss so much at home
or tagging me in pinterest pins at least twice per day.

without my mother,
i wouldn't have that constant warm, full energy that stays with me at all times because of how much she loves her children.

plus, mom. you were born on halloween
making your birthday extra fun for all involved.
thanks for that. ;)

happy birthday, mom! i love you so, so much!



  1. happiest of birthdays to your mother! she sounds so darling. mothers are so special.

  2. this is adorable. i love this! (i may have to steal this idea) Your mam sounds like quite the lady!

  3. oh so lovely! happy birthday to your momma!

  4. This is so sweet. And your mom is stunning! Happy birthday to her!! :)

    1. right?! i hope i inherit that graceful aging. she's a stunner, for sure.


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