Tuesday, September 10, 2013

maaaybe we are in the market for a support group.

because it's really hard to get things a-goin'
when you both work a lot
me = four jobs (!)
him = 60 hours a week...

not to mention school (blah)
and schedules that don't coordinate
so we hafta try to squeeze little twenty minute dates sooooomewhere between 2-4 pm
or end up staying up all night jumping on the bed (mostly me showing adam for the umpteenth time that i've been working on my toe touches) or catching up on breaking bad instead of sleeping
(not complaining about that. i'm not, yo.)

and the newlywed-typical stark, utterly empty apartment that just begs for furniture
so you do the ikea dance
and regret it (sorta)
because how many pieces are in this stinkin' dresser box?
and why, oh, why can't these assembly instructions include words?

but then there are those amazing moments
where you're eating rice in the living room on the carpet you wish you had a vacuum for
and giggling so hard that you accidentally spit some out
but being too happy to care
because you're married
and u can't touch dis.

and the first time either one of you says
"see you at home"
and both of you can't even contain the joy that brings
so you text the exact same
"i love hearing/saying that"
to each other.

our newlywed fever is all-encompassing
and we should probably find some like-minded people to start a dialogue with...
ones who are also broom-less and blender-less
who may have broken a nail or two trying to assemble a SELJE nightstand
and who also find themselves playing lady and the tramp with twizzlers
or, you know, scratching everything in your apartment and basically forfeiting your deposit before even getting started and sharing a good cry about it.
the usual stuff.

if you hear of anything,
let us know.
we are pretty serious about this.
fur realz.



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  3. i so know this and it's sacredly special


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