Monday, August 19, 2013

cabo san lucas part two: the sea

this beach in mexico is probably the most beautiful place i have ever been.

all of those magnificent rocks used to be underwater, so they are perfectly smooth and easily climbable.

in fact,
someone mentioned that from our resort we had to walk 20 minutes to find a water taxi
and pay $6/person to have them water-taxi us to lover's beach.
we could climb over the rocks pictured in that bottom left photo up there
for free.
so, naturally...

i can tell you
that i have never felt more alive or adventurous than when we were climbing that thing
and i was hopping barefoot from rock to rock
knowing that at any moment either of us could slip and fall...
and how crazy all the locals thought we were for making the trek so ill-prepared.

as soon as we got over those first (huge!) rocks,
we gave each other a huge, celebratory high five
only to find out that we weren't at lover's beach yet.

the rest of the hike involved dodging huge & terribly deadly waves that crashed against the rocks
so you had to run while the tide was away and hope you made it around in time.
we salivated a little as water taxi after water taxi loaded with dry people passed us...

yet we persevered.
i got a little overconfident for a moment there
and this happened:

[i didn't even cry. new personal best here.]

so if anyone catches a surprisingly stylish, belt-wearing marlin anytime soon,
send it my way.

i actually got hit pretty hard.
as in,
i don't really remember it
i will probably have a couple scars on my leg for the rest of my life.
it was one of those:
"holy cow, you're bleeding!"
"no, i'm not... where?"
*looks down to see blood drenched leg*
"oh. there. wow. i don't even feel that."

plus, adam decided to be super stylish and wear fancy shoes
(who am i kidding... did you see my outfit, too? a skirt? who do we think we are?!)
and this happened to them:
[and R.I.P. adam's rad thrifted shoes. you will be missed dearly.]
if only i could have photographed how water-logged they were.

the more i look at these photos
the more i feel like i can hear that heavy sound of the waves crashing on the beach
and smell that unique mexican sea aroma
and feel the oceanic mist landing on the back of my neck...

... the faster my wild heart beats for this amazing sea
and i feel so ready to go back.

lover's beach.
it's a dream
and well worth the whole "life-flashing-before-your-eyes-hope-you-told-your-family-you-loved-them" stuff.
trust me.

or maybe a water taxi.
you could try that, too.



  1. oh i love this story! although, im sad about the part where you got hurt. not cool. but sounds pretty freaking adventurous :)

  2. no!! your belt!!! no!! his shoes!!! that alone would have made me cry. i applaud you for being strong and not even freaking out about almost DYING!! AYLEY!!!! never do that to me again!!!!
    more honeymoon pix plz.

  3. what an adventure! sounds scary but awesome. cabo san lucas sounds wonderful, hope you had a fantastic time xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  4. you are perfection. you should seriously be a pro photographer. these photos are too much for my ocean hungry heart to handle. and why don't you share more dancing photos like that one! oooh please share more


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