Saturday, May 4, 2013

little memories.

is there anything sweeter than remembering little moments that have been buried in your memories?

like in june 2010 when i was (stupidly) mad at you for not making plans with me after work, 
so i ditched you for the farmer's market on 8th & D 
and took pictures of the fresh produce 
and you weren't even bothered by it one bit 
and even said my pictures were the "something good" that came out of it
and talked about how you wanted to frame them on our walls someday.

or how every time i put cinnamon on my pancakes i am reminded of that summer we spent nearly entirely indoors
perfecting an orange cinnamon pancake recipe and watching adventure time on the floor
and didn't regret it one bit.

or how that lower picture reminds me of the time we watched shutter island twice in a row 
because we were mesmerized by the imagery
and finally we decided we should get out of the house
even though it was pouring rain outside.
we didn't care.
we walked around penn quarter trying to decide where to eat,
being seated and ordering only water at about three beautiful restaurants
before deciding we didn't really want to eat at any of them,
and how we actually ended up getting chop't to go
so we could go home to watch shutter island again.

and how looking at certain pictures
i can almost smell the awful stench of your old apartment building.

and how i always drive past the bleachers in that park where we shared our awkward first kiss.

i think these things bury themselves in my mind on purpose...
making me search for them in some kind of treasure hunt
and all these little things in life are the clues on the map
that lead me to you
even when we are apart.

these little memories are buried treasures i hold dear.

adam reid,
i love you madly.



  1. i die over that blueberry picture. but mostly i die over your love. you have such a wonderful heart ayley and i am so glad that you share it with us on the blog.

  2. oooh i can't wait for you to update about thursday!!!!!!!!


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