Monday, April 22, 2013

earth day.

happy earth day!
i really love this holiday.
it's moved to a more conservation/preservation focus over these years,
but i still appreciate that we have a day where we just celebrate the earth!

i am serious about my love for it.

if you follow me on other social media outlets,
you know that i've spent the weekend away at a dance competition with my students.

one of my (little!) students came up to me and told me that the drive up there was so boring
because her ipod died halfway through
and her ipad didn't have a charge either
so she just had to sit and look out the window.
sooo boring.

i was like...
because looking out the window on a canyon drive is, like, one of the best things ever!
sheesh, kid!

after that i started paying attention to how little attention we pay to the natural world.
it was pretty darn exhausting!

after a weekend of rhinestones, blasting music, stages, and time spent entirely indoors...
i'm excited to spend this entire earth day OUTSIDE!
we don't spend enough time out there, if you ask me.

have a happy day where you appreciate all the natural and beautiful things that surround you!


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  1. i love it, too. thank you for thinking of me on earth day.


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