Friday, March 29, 2013

let's get real: sometimes they have to stick a camera inside your body *gasp*

this was attempt #5 at trying to take a "happy to be here!" picture in my hospital gown. yeah, i know. didn't work.  #deadeyes

oh, hey there.
you know what?
colonoscopy prep was awful.
it just highlighted that debilitating pain i experience on a bimonthly basis.

but guess what?
i had to be on an all liquid diet yesterday
and my adam said,
"you're on a broth diet? oh, me too!"
like a champ.
the dude even offered to take some of that awful laxative crap so we could go down together.
but i made him eat some dinner. both of us shouldn't have to suffer.
oh, and that laxative business? that didn't happen. just for me. thank goodness for adam's system.

and i had that sweet adam by my side the entire sleepless night,
rubbing my back when it felt like daggers,
switching dvds and watching scary shows with me,
trying hard to stay awake to comfort me
even though he had to work earlier than normal today.
and the poor guy took a cab home early this morning. 
a very expensive cab.

the man seriously loves people with all he's got.
i love him.
i. love. him.

the good news is
it's all over.

the bad news is
basically everything was fine
which means more dr's appts and tests.
more detective work!

that fact was just as frustrating as the prep work beforehand.
if not more.
i'm very sad about it.

so... i've made a list of everything that could make me happy right now.
here goes:

- new socks. like those really embarrassing fuzzy ones.
- waffle fries from chik-fil-a.
- a shirt with a kitty acting like he's people. like this one. this one would suffice, too. meow.
- fresh tulips. in bright colors. like this.
- my three best friends all in their pj's sitting on this couch with me
- a chocolate bar with cardamom in it. is this a thing? please say it's so.
- and if people wanted to bring a disco ball to my house and hang it up, i'd be cool with it.

it's basically a day where i feel like whining
but i'm going to fill it with annoying and guilty pleasures.
like this potato roll in my hand.
like that.

oh, health! ;)



  1. Boo. What's going on? I'm sorry! I hope they figure it out soon.


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