Monday, July 16, 2012

minimalism: on thriving.

perhaps the most striking revelation for me this past week,
has been through flowers.

i cannot even begin to explain my connection to the natural world,
so i won't.
just know that it is integral to my soul.

i held a seed this weekend.
just a tiny seed
and i thought it was marvelous.

everything that seed is going to be,
is inside of it.
everything it needs to be, to begin,
is inside of it.

it is equipped to thrive.

i am fueled by desires to add external means to enrich my life:
beauty products, strange medicines, topical treatments, therapeutic devices, etc.

the world around begs us to add and add to our self-help-gadget agglomerations,
insisting that we simply need trivial objects and unnecessary assistance simply to maintain,
that humans are, as they are, incomplete...

and yet,
everything i am going to be is inside of me.
everything i need to grow and survive
and to THRIVE
is inside of me already.

i am equipped to thrive.

place yourself in the sunshine,
and amongst nourishing things
and you are going to become... everything.

resist the urges of supplemental commodities,
because everything you need to sprout is inside of you
at this very moment.
you are wonderful and strong and capable as it is.

how powerful a notion.


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  1. GAHHHHHHH whhhhhaaatttt???? what planet did you come from? how is one individual so insightful? how am i friends with you?


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