Tuesday, July 10, 2012

diner dates.

they're especially fun when:

-you are (literally) the only ones there, so all the staff can hear your giggles.
-you drink arnold palmers for at least fifteen minutes before you even think about ordering.
-your date wears suspenders and parts his crazy hair.
-your date also knows every old song that comes on.
-you go in planning on eating dessert.
-your date pays your tip with neatly stacked quarters.

we could eat diner food at least three times per week
but that wouldn't be good for our waistlines, now would it?



  1. i like these pictures and your little list and how wonderful it all sounds.
    also those fries look guuuuud.

    i would like to diner dine with you.

  2. You two are seriously charming!

  3. Going out to dinner is one of the greater pleasure in life. It's so fun. Especially when you're in love. Blue plate?


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