Tuesday, June 26, 2012

say cheeeeese...

can we just talk about adam in pictures right now?
i have never, evereverever been able to get him to take picture taking seriously.
he either just sits there so his face is in the picture
or does this dorky fake smile thing.

instagram examples (picture overload):

uh... he's such a good sport....

but really... is this common? yes? no? 
is it a boy thing? just a dislike for pictures thing? 

i think the day i get adam genuinely smiling for a picture i will jump for joy. 



  1. i definitely think its a guy thing haha

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  3. It's a guy thing. My husband always turns away when I pull the camera out. Then he complains that we don't have very many photos. Go figure haha.

  4. jared is the. exact. same. way.

    hahah, it's actually making me happy that i'm not the only sufferer. they do this lame thing and they don't realize how much it would mean and how easy it would be for them to just smile a big heartfelt smile. right? it's actually a touchy subject in our marriage hahahaha.


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