Wednesday, June 27, 2012


today is my sister's last dance recital.

as long as i've taught dance,
my sisters have been involved in some way.
we're kind of a team.

i haven't wanted to get out of bed (and it's noon...) because i don't want to face it!

i'm so proud of my sisters.
they have been my inspiration in so many ways.
i love having a dance family!

but hey...
if you're in utah
and don't have any plans tonight...
you should definitely come see the show!

my mom, being the artist she is,
designed the sets
and they are beautiful!

it's got lots of acting,
little kids breakdancing,
dark ballet to this song,
light up clothing in hip hop,
elaborate productions involving hula hoops, rolling lily pads, and amazing lifts,
and my sister's solo has powder throwing a la the festival of colors.
it's so very beautiful.

not to mention some of the best choreography i've seen from a studio (not mine... mind you)!

artistic dance presents the little mermaid.
6 pm.
juan diego in draper.
it's FREE.

it's a very beautiful show.
i haven't seen anything like it around.
i am very proud to be a part of it.
i would absolutely love to see you there.

now excuse me...
i only have a few hours to mentally prepare for this bittersweet night ahead of me!


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