Monday, April 2, 2012

this week...

this week is chock-full of things for us:

plenty of dance,
my birthday {!!},
getting our bikes fixed,
sister hannah's birthday,
getting ready for bijou,
getting ready for another competition,
preparing for easter,
spring cleaning,
visiting with grandparents {who are visiting from switzerland!},
plus plenty of other errands that will take us all over the valley.

alls i wants to do is just watch netflix docs, eat blackberries, and fold origami cats all day,
but, i think i will like what i need to do better.

happy first week of april!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK, AYLEY! looks like you have an amazing week ahead. you are my favorite person. let's hang!

  2. after you are done being busy of course.

  3. preparing for easter yay! Sometimes busy weeks are stressful, but I always feel way accomplished at the end of it all. Hope this week is awesome for you. and by the way, that's the best origami cat i. have. ever. seen. tutorial please? haha. but really though....


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