Monday, February 13, 2012


when i'm reading blogs,
i really like knowing where people live and what they love about it. 


i love getting snow.
i love the mountains. 
i love the people. 
i love that everyone i know here is so motivated and talented.
i love living so close to all of my family members. 
i love the humility of salt lake city. it's not a huge city, but it's got tons of huge-city features.
plus it's clean and nice to explore. 
i love riding trax. 
i love that i can travel 3 hours north and wear a parka and 3 hours south and wear shorts. 
i love having loving neighbors. 
i love being able to walk to church. 
i love having the suburbs so close to the city. 
i love being able to fly to vegas or cali for a hundred dollars. 
i love that the license plates here say "life elevated". cool. 
i love the creative community and the cool restaurants. 

i love the options and possibilities here. 
sure, it's not new york or LA or DC,
but it satisfies the very basic needs i have. 
the city + the natural...
i love planning a saturday night and being able to choose between a hike or adventure in the mountains or a completely black tie event... all within minutes' driving distance of each other. 

i've lived here my entire life
and i'm sure as shootin' that i'm going be here for a long time.

utah, i love you. 


  1. sometimes when i travel i think about how i would love to move somewhere else and then i come home and remember how beautiful and wonderful utah is. i may never leave this state.

  2. i miss utah. i love utah. so many people out here in hawaii rag on it but i just adore it. such a beautiful place to call home!

  3. can i repost this entirely and pretend like it was originally my own? i second everything you just said. utah, i love thee.

  4. i love utah.
    you put it perfectly.


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